Snyper – Morphogenesis

Artist: Snyper




Good morning from space!
Well, I guess technically, there really isn’t a morning when in space. Suns are always just… well… there. So are moons. HOW DO ALIENS KNOW HOW LONG THEY HAVE BEEN TRAVELING FOR IF THERE IS NO WAY OF TELLING TIME ACCURATELY?! My brain just imploded…. no, MY BRAIN JUST WORMHOLED!

and I have no idea what I am talking about.

So, Snyper! Colour me pleased!
When voyaging into the world of the Suomi, there are many different realms one can land in. There’s the Texas Faggott, the James Reipas, the Outolintu, the Freakdance, the Vishnudata, the Squaremeat, or even the Kiwa, Knoveljet, or Mac Mavis. Some stuff is more frenetic, some is more breaks, some more bass, some more horns, some more techno, some more trance, some more serious, some more comical, and some you just sound stupid trying to describe.

Snyper nestles nicely into the more progressive side of engaging space trance but doesn’t quite hit those Vishnudata or Justin Space levels. In a way, if you’re familiar with the older “classics,” I’d give this album the Flying Rhino 12″ circa AFR020-AFR030 motif. Some of that Slinky Wizard and Slide cosmic bass and depth of field coupled with the more energetic sounds of Green Nuns of the Revolution, Twisted Travelers, and D.P.O.D. Obviously times and gear have changed, but if you were into that sound and are looking for something to fill that void, this album works well.

I’d tell you the tracks I think stand out the most and what my favorites are, but I really think that is a journey everyone should travel on their own. Whether you need a track for an opening set, middle of the night, or in the AM, this album has something for everyone… unless you are solely into that Goa Hammer Trauma rubbish, in which case you shouldn’t be concerned about my reviews and I am confused as to why you are even reading this.

While Snyper isn’t a well known name in my region, he has been around since the days of Thixx’n’Dixx (if you don’t know, you missed out) and has been released on Antiscarp as well. Hopefully this album will reach some new ears though and we can continue to infect the world with more properly psychedelic music. Until then, I’ve got a spaceship to catch. I think I’ll put on some Snyper while my thumb is sticking out…

-Shaman Goa Constrictor

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