I like to write reviews of albums. I enjoy writing positive reviews of albums that I like or that have good stories accompanying them. Some of my earlier reviews are rather poorly written and shite. It took me a little while before I developed my voice and style. So if you read something and it sucks, whatever; at least I am trying to promote good music. Basically, all of the albums listed below get my Seal of Approval (mostly)…

If you are an artist or a label and want to submit an album for review consideration, email me at: I’ll listen to music from signed and unsigned artists, so if you’re just looking for exposure, feel free to be in touch too!

Click on one of the links below to read its review.

Califonia Sunshine – Rebirth
Benza – if
Traject – Birting

Blue Planet Corporation – A Blueprint for Survival
Crop Circles – Tetrahedron (2008 Album ov the Year)
Eraser vs. Yöjalka – Virtuosi Di Quosi
The Good, The Bad & The Queen – The Good, The Bad & The Queen
Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy
Jaia – Fiction
James Reipas – Personal Trainer
Keramick & Lobo – The Braille
Kino Oko – Alphabetically Divided Highway
Kixotek – Sleepdancer
Lemon Slide – True Nature
Lightaman Jr – Rollator Race
Ott – Skylon
Outolintu – Odd Man Out (2007 Album of the Year)
Product.01 – Bullet Ride
Psilodump – The Nya Albumet
Rip Van Hippy & Rie Lambdoll – Searching for Love
SubConsciousMind – Intermezza Extended
S.U.N. Project – X Black Album
Tamlin – Spectrogram
Texas Faggott – Kininigin
Ticon – 2am
Troll Scientists – Sir Eel
Troll Scientists – Useless Science
Various Artists – Abracadabra
Various Artists – Golden Vibes 3
Various Artists – Omnipresence
Various Artists – Ultrapop 2
Vishnudata – Vishnudata
Ween – Shinola Vol. 1
Western Rebel Alliance – Western Rebel Alliance


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