Psymply Psychedelic

Some people like a bit of this.
Some people like a bit of that.
7-11 is open 24 hours.
Starbucks is the Third Place.
Taco Bell has your 4th Meal.
McDonalds says that I’m Lovin’ It.
Guitar Center has No Payments for 12 Months.
Campbell’s Soup is Mm Mm Good.
NyQuil is the Nighttime Sniffling Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffy Head Fever So You Can Rest Medicine.
Bounty is the Quicker Picker Upper.
AT&T wants you to Reach Out and Touch Someone.
Barq’s has Bite.
Maxwell House is Good to the Last Drop.
Coca Cola is the Real Thing.

Enough with it!

Let’s make life simple again.
A time when a potato was a potato and when psychedelic was Psychedelic.

August 13th – 15th in the great Pacific Northwest outdoors, a newly reformed Apollos Lute join forces with ChickenHed to get you…

Psymply Psychedelic

Limited Good Faith Teaser tickets available for $15 through Paypal.
(Paypal money to = shpongled23 [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Prices go up to $20 once all major artists have been announced. Then $25 after that. Then higher after that. Buy early. Save money!

Line Up
Secret Society – HSS / Quantum Frog / Facebook
The professional Slef Recombobulation Experts known as Secret Society have been steadily experimenting with their brand of Psychedelic Recombobulation Trance for the better part of some portion of variable time. As this variable has reached higher values, their experiment population has increased significantly and they are now on their way to dominating their genre and their field of study. Their thesis, entitled Explosive Diorama, will cover all aspects of this research and will be available for mass consumption soon!

More Artists Coming Soon

No added psugars.
No added psalts.
100% free range, cage free, organic Psychedelic.
Available at your local psychedelicatessen in August.

More info to come . . .

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