Mix Info Pages

As time clicks forward, site changes happen. One new feature implemented over the past few days has been a new structuring of the DJ Mixes page. I have created individual landing pages for each mix that I have. They are linked to the Mixography page as well, so if you see a mix on the list that you are interested in, you may find out more info about it. Not all mixes have a landing page yet, as this is a time consuming concept, but it is growing slowly and will be a nice feature.

The pages with info for each mix also has a comments section. If you want to leave a comment about a mix, or request that it be uploaded again (not all mixes are available for download at all times), you may do so now. I’m trying to make the website as simple as possible, yet as full of as much content as possible too.

Thanks for stopping by again and I look forward to dancing with you all again soon!

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