Welcome to the past!
Long ago I used to host a radio show on KPSU. I was there for a bit over a decade and had a blast. When I started doing my show there, there was a DJ named DJ Fresh who had a radio show called The Fresh Connection. DJ Fresh was kind of a legend at KPSU and I had mad love and respect for him. This mix, as well as two others, are kind of in honor of him.

Before I made this mix, I made a mixed tape that was a blend of hiphop, breaks, techno, and pop. I called it “The Fresh Connection” and I passed around a couple of copies to people and received lots of good feedback. Eventually I decided to take some of that tape and turn it into a Mixed CD. So I made this and called it “The Real Fresh Connection.” Later I decided that I wanted to include other parts of that tape onto a mixed CD, so I made The Grandmasturbator with the Furious Five.

I went through various titles for this mix over the years. It was always “The Real Fresh Connection” but the moniker attached to it varied. It started as DJ Shockballs, then DJ MC Shockballs, then DJ MC Skratchballz, then Sir Skratchballs, and now it is just Skratchballz. I never really cared to keep it consistent.

I uploaded The Grandmasturbator a while back, but this mix has yet to be online. I don’t think this has ever been available for download, and if it has, it was like five years ago. But here it is for your enjoyment! A tasty and fresh assortment of hiphop, breaks, and smooth electronica. It is truly a real fresh connection…

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Eat Static – In the Nude – Mesmobeat
Bentley Rhythm Ace
Jurassic 5
The Pharcyde
Beastie Boys
EBN / Luniz
Pop Will Eat Itself
Luscious Jackson
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin



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