R.I.P. Lord Commander Muschi


Genre: Psychedelic Mourning Trance

Long long ago, in the year 1999, I had my world and mind opened. I started listening to, and DJing Goa Trance back in 1995, but I thought that I was alone. My mate UltraTom got me started and I was never a raver or party kid, so I never knew about parties. None played Goa Trance anyway, so it was a moot point. I was also in Portland and didn’t travel to Seattle, this was pre-Internet days for me, so I wasn’t tipped off on lots of things. That all changed during the summer of 1999 when I started venturing out of my basement and into the outer realms.

That summer of ’99, I went to an outdoor party called AMF and then Twisted in the Forest and began meeting the NW Goa Trance community that was slowly beginning to take shape. A big piece of this community was a creative mind that went by the name of Muschi. Slowly he and I became friends and worked on events together. While we weren’t BFFs, we shared a special bond about creating atmospheres for people to enjoy and shared a love of music.

Even though Muschi stopped organizing events a long time ago, when he passed away this past fall, a large piece of Seattle passed with him. I’ll never forget his continual creative spark and the off-center way in which his mind perceived things. He was a unique spirit that won’t come around for a long time.

After he passed, a friend began organizing an ambient party down in San Francisco. He decided to make it a bit of a memorial service as well and invited all sorts of people who knew Muschi and it became a bit of a reunion. I was asked to come play some mixed tempo music in honour of our departed friend. So I did. While the party itself may have been expecting (and wanting) me to play some more banging tunes by this point in the late morning, I wanted to take a moment and share my personal music photo album of memories inspired by this man.

The music within this mix are tracks from artists that we either brought out together or that he brought out for his own events. Music he shared with me online when he knew that I would love a certain track. Artists that we both wanted to bring out for some future event that never materialized. Songs that I heard him play or other things that remind me of him. I probably could have made this mix much longer, but the concise energy and thematic structure of this seems definite and succinct.

If Muschi was a part of your life, maybe you’ll recognize some of the material within.
If you never met Muschi, hopefully this mix will resonate within you regardless.

He will be deeply missed by many and there are considerably more who have been impacted by the way this man played with the rules, and they’ll never know it.

To the Muschi in the Sky…

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[artists – track]
Quirk – Salvation
Kermit – Rainbow Connection
Ticon – 1987 (Tripswitch Remix)
Benji Vaughan – Busy Busy Bee
Hibernation – Knowledge and Spirit
Union Jack – Red Herring
Save the Robot – Lowrider (Save the Robot Remix)
Spectral – Celtic Alchemy (Magical Circles Mix)
California Sunshine – Rain
Talpa – Remorse
X-Dream – Create Your Own Happiness
Process – Maharishi
Juno Reactor – Rotorblade (Perfect Stranger Remix)
Dan McKie & Orbital – Halycyon (Again)
The Beatles – Because (The Zap! Remix)
Quirk – Salvation



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