Genre: Psychedelic Techno / Trance

The winter months are filled with long dark nights and short wet days. People often find themselves lost in their heads and creating realities out of delusions. This mix is a journey for your mind to experience the lows as well as the rebirthings into clarity.

I released this mix with an accompanying story that was shared in real time on my Facebook wall, but that was a one-time thing. The mix works well as a standalone, so feel free to journey down the path of The Scapegoat so that you don’t need to become one yourself.

Happy solstice and stay well!

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Killin’ It with Paul Crik – Hard Day

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby – Lonely Avenue – Nonesuch

Benza – if – SUB

Vishnudata – Vishnudata – Exogenic

Fuzzion – Free Tibet – Boshke Beats

Loopus in Fabula – Fizzy Beats – Fabula Records

XV Kilist & Rocco – XV Kilist & Rocco – Traktor Schalllabor

Prometheus – Spike – Twisted

Disco Hooligans – Darjeeling Express – Ektoplazm

Fools and Tools – Itchy and Scratchy (unreleased mix)

Shiwa 2000 – Portinfarttijan Hyppypiertari – Hippie Killer

James Reipas – This is Not Fashion – Demon Tea

Keramick & Lobo – Answers (Maekinen Remix) – Exogenic

Deviant Electronics – Blunt Instruments – Blue Room Released

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Apple



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