Genre: Psyper Psylly Psynny Psypiritual Psychedelic Psymething

Some days you wake up and wish upon a star
Some days you don’t even know who you are are, how you are, or why you are
But you know that you are what you are
For better or for worse, you are you.

Some days simply fall into place
Some days you see the color that surrounds you
Some days you are Rocky and you reach the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Other days all you can see are the clouds forming up above.

When creating a rainbow, there sure can be a lot of murkiness
Like life, creating a rainbow isn’t all about the pretty colors
You need some of that nasty rain for the process to be complete
But you need some of that sunny sun too.

It’s kind of a dance that nature does with itself
Toss those two ingredients together and you’ll get a wonderful arc of magic


Sometimes something even far more special is at work though
Sometimes the world just isn’t going to stop at one rainbow
Hell NO!
Sometimes life gives you a double rainbow!

This mix is made for those days where you need some inspiration
Those days that you are focusing too much on the rain clouds
Those days that you are missing the rainbow in front of your face
Those days that you don’t even notice that life isn’t even a single rainbow…

No, life is a double rainbow!

So, take a deep breath and smile
Appreciate the layers, colors, and textures of it all
Life gets better once you stop focusing on those rain clouds and notice the glory
The glory of life’s DOUBLE RAINBOW!

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bill conti – gonna fly now
john lennon – imagine (rmx)
massive attack – teardrop (mr. bill and ali cover)
Joe Hisaishi – totoro remix
blind melon – no rain (rmx)
rhythmik – prowler 2011
peroxide mocha – around the world
electrocado – rick wairheimer
dizzy rascal – dance wiv me (shazam remix)
journey – don’t stop believing (sunday club)
utah saints – something good (rmx)
kylie minogue – can’t get you out of my head (soulwax rmx)
messiah – peace and tranquility
bulffmonkey vs timbesamusca – rise
randy bayers vs oasis – alive vs champaign supernova
lilith – love is all
process – mono klang (terrafractyl rmx)
space cat – emotions
pavel svimba – space babuska
safi connection – bitter sweet
terra ferma – fire
tekniset – paha tonttu
mandalavandalz – everything is love
pavel svimba – narrow shoulders
o.o.k. – spugedelic
underworld – born slippy (damgroove)
jam jarr – sync into the sun
aerosmith – dream on (griz remix)
israel kamakawiwo’ole – somewhere over the rainbow – what a wonderful world



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