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Genre: Club Music

DJ FABULOUS! has been in hiding for quite a bit. Other than a couple of additions to the ongoing Good Morning series, there hasn’t been any club beats of bouncy boogie bangers in nearly a decade. I guess it kinda makes sense, as I was never really into the clubs and always preferred the damp forests, but from time to time, much fun can be had in those claustrophobic concrete holes of echo n bass.

Some music just resonates a bit better when you’re shoved into a small chamber with hundreds of others, all trying to avoid the sticky spots on the floor (and also hoping to not add to those sticky spots as you’re continually bumped into by others). Actually, fuck, I hate all of that. Maybe I’ll keep hanging out in my own “club” where there’s no door charge, no queue for refreshments, no one smashing into you, and the place is filled with blue skies, green trees, bumble bees, and living things…

Yeah… this is my Club Life!

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[artist – track]
Vince Staples – Party People
The Chemical Brothers – Go (Extended Mix)
Alter Ego featuring Product.01 – Gary (Boys Club Product.01 Mix)
Kiwa featuring Raappana – Babylon
Coburn vs Robbie Rivera – Superstar (Coburn Mix)
Messiah – Temple of Dreams
The Prodigy – Girls (The Rogue Elements Remix)
Empirion – Ciao
The Weeknd – Often
Product.01 Destrukt (Original Mix)
Eight:Ball – Stiletto
Tim Healey & Atomic Hooligan – Look at You (DJ Quest & DJ Mutiny Remix)
The Nam Shub of Enki – qKlimaxanatheam master02
Phoxii – Daunkteke
Becky – Less than Three (Disko Warp 2006 Remix)
Jam Jarr – Krunk Jaw
Lily Allen – Air Balloon
Kendrick Lamar and SZA – All the Stars
Gel-Sol – Stallion 3000
Soulwax – Goodnight Transmission


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