My name is A’damn and this is my site. I DJ under the monikers The Goa Constrictor and DJ Fabulous! as well as being one half of the dynamic DJ duo (along with The Bad Pioneer 2000) known as The Pussy Magnets and Psychedelic Jihad (along with Philly G). But long before any of this happened, there was a beginning . . .

In 1995, at the ripe age of 16, I was poking fun at my friend Ultra-Tom who had recently discovered the sounds of quality old Psychedelic Goa Trance. Ultra-Tom quickly grew tired of me insulting him for listening to this music and thought that I might actually enjoy the music myself if I gave it a chance. Ultra-Tom then introduced me to the sounds of Juno Reactor, Etnica, Hallucinogen, and Prana. He shared with me music from labels such as Dragonfly, Blue Room, Matsuri, and TIP. I started borrowing records from him and spending my afternoons grabbing releases from the local record stores in Portland and also started acquiring the gear needed to become a DJ.

In 1996 I started DJing with one used 1970s Technics 1300 turntable, one Magnavox portable CD player and a Vestex Streetmaster 5006 DJ mixer. This is the setup I used until the spring of 1997, at which point I went to Goodwill and bought a second used turntable. With two turntables and a crappy mixer, I began to really learn the fine craft of DJing. I would buy as many records from Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Matsuri, Blue Room, TIP, and Platipus that I could afford and would spend countless hours in my bedroom losing myself in the music. After a year of playing on this setup, I decided that it was time to upgrade to nicer turntables and in the spring of 1998 I went out and bought a pair of Technics 1200MK2s through the used section of the local newspaper. In 1998 I also went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a couple of friends. These friends didn’t listen to electronic music and, much like how I used to tease Ultra-Tom, they were talking a bit of trash to me during the road trip down to New Orleans. During this rousing I mentioned that I DJ’ed “Goa Trance” and one of my friends replied with the witty, “Goa Trance? Are you The Goa Constrictor?” This supposed insult was actually quite clever and I have been The Goa Constrictor ever since.

During these early years I had no idea that anyone else listened to this music. I thought that, as far as the Pacific Northwest was concerned, it was just Ultra-Tom and myself. I kept DJing and making mixes on cassette while occasionally playing at random house parties. In 1999 my path crossed with some old mates from high school who had also been touched by the psychedelic groove and we began to hang out. I found out about a Space Tribe party happening in Seattle, Washington and journeyed north to check out my first Psytrance party. It was awesome. Later that summer Hallucinogen and Tristan came through the Northwest for an outdoor event and while sitting by the campfire I met The Bad Pioneer 2000.

Over the course of that summer of ’99 I had also decided that I wanted to get involved with the local college radio station and began volunteering at KPSU. I broadcasted my first radio show in September of 1999 and stayed with KPSU throughout the next 10 years. Then in September of 2009, I left KPSU and began hosting my radio show, FABULOUS! Radio, without the restrictions, or the drama, found in the world of college radio.

In addition to hosting a radio show on KPSU I have also been involved with creation and promotion of events in the area. I worked for a short time alongside the wonderful people known as Apollos Lute in Portland, Oregon and when that was no longer fulfilling, a little group known as ChickenHed was born and began its own quest for global domination. For more information about ChickenHed, go here.

While all of this party throwing, ChickenHed’ing, radio hosting, event DJing was going on, I also stumbled upon my other moniker, DJ Fabulous! DJ Fabulous! was birthed one evening while walking along the streets of Seattle. I had recently been hit with a case of shingles and was on a lot of pain medicine from the doctor. I was also drinking heavily that day and walked by a pretentious hipster art gallery and some wannabe fabulous DJ. In my completely wasted state of being, I decided that I was DJ Fabulous! and began using that moniker for when I would DJ music that was not Psychedelic Goa Trance. DJ Fabulous! tends to play electro house, skweee, breaks, britpop, hiphop, techno or whatever else fits the mood being created.

Whether it be as The Goa Constrictor or DJ Fabulous!, I’m sure the future will be interesting.
More info to come . . .


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