Blue Balls

01. Paul Crik – Killin’ It with Blue Balls (000 BPM)
02. Saiko Disco – Danger Zone (157 BPM)
03. Aether – Milligrams Not Megatons (130 BPM)
04. Defib – Astrodiginaught [feat. William Thoren on Digeridoo] (137 BPM)
05. Mussa Kussa – Milfhunter (162 BPM)
06. Foxdye – Northwest Sigh (170 BPM)
07. A’damn – F-You-Tures [UltraTom Remix] (102 BPM)
08. Luomuhappo – Sputnik [James Reipas Remix] (86 BPM)
09. Nervasystem – Abstractus Revalata (145 BPM)
10. Rip Van Hippy – Elemental Spirits (150 BPM)
11. Jucid – Terrorpeudic (133 BPM)
12. James Reipas – Dawn (129 BPM)
13. Phat H.O.M.O. – My Poodle’s Name Is Adelaide [Voting Rights Act of 1965 Remix] (136 BPM)

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Hot on the heels of Crop Circle Jerk, Psymply Psychedelic Productions is back with a case of Blue Balls. A global circle jerk that’s bursting at the seams with psychedelic pressure, Blue Balls features music from some of the world’s premier psychedelic composers. Blending together a special mixture of Goa, progressive, suomi, psycore, and downtempo, Blue Balls will tickle your sylph and leave you wanting more. Mastered by Amina at Foxdye Studios with artwork by PhillyG.

Crop Circle Jerk

…(Released at Ektoplazm)…

01. Kixotek – Ouroboros (Fraggle Mix) (100 BPM)
02. Eat Static – Interceptor (UltraTom Remix) (172 BPM)
03. Pentti & Enki – Sludge (106 BPM)
04. Robomate – Trendy Whores (Snyper Remix) (134 BPM)
05. Melufantti – Ransu The Dog (139 BPM)
06. Pavel Svimba – The End And Beyond (149 BPM)
07. Electric Arc – Cherry Blossoms (2012 Coboi Bepop Mix) (126 BPM)
08. Tasp – Slight Tickling Sensation (128 BPM)
09. Peroxide Mocha – Around The World (114 BPM)
10. Fun Toy & Panda Towel feat. Vega Ebbersten – Fiona (120 BPM)
11. Foxdye – Uphill To A Boring Horizon (120 BPM)

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Crop Circle Jerk is the first release from the Pacific Northwest’s Psymply Psychedelic Productions. Wishing to take psychedelic trance music out of the confines of single styles, The Goa Constrictor has curated an album of psychedelic sounds that range from slow tribal psychedelic breaks to playful Suomi sounds to slick progressive techno. We feel that it is time to once again make sure that the music we hear is Psymply Psychedelic. Mastered by Thee Bad Pioneer 2000 at Megalow Studios with cover design by PhillyG.


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