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As you may have noticed, there are a bunch of words and links over to the right.
I have recently gone through the Mixography and have created tags for the artists on different DJ mixes (for the mixes that have track listings posted. I’ll get the missing lists up eventually…).

If, say, you wanted a mix with some Texas Faggott or Juno Reactor on it, just click on the name and you’ll get a list of the mixes with that artist on it!

Simple little bit of database management but might be nice for new people who have no idea where to begin with the massive amount of content in the Mixography.


Pledge Drive 2013 Coming Soon!

You know how your local public broadcasting station will, from time to time, wheel out a bunch of cries for help and pleas for money? That’s what’s about to happen here!

We’ll have exciting gifts such as:

  • Etched Pint Glasses
  • Shirts / Long sleeve / Sweat shirts / Other
  • Stickers
  • More?!

More info will be coming soon!



New Audio!

In addition to the continuing series of Good Morning! mixes

Good Morning 4 – The Non-Sleepers

We also did a on-the-fly, short-notice, beta-test, of the new Fabulous! Radio studios.


It appears that the archive and podcast did just fine, although the live stream did have some technical difficulties.
However, since the podcast should be fine, you may download it directly through a number of ways…

Direct mp3 Audio
iTunes Store for subscribing to Podcast or downloading directly
RSS Feed for the people who know how to use them

Thanks for tuning in and remember, those teapots may not be extinct, they might just be playing a vicious game of hide n seek…