I’m in Your Partiez, Hitting on ur Womenz



Genre: Psychedelic / Mountain / Doof / Night Time / Hedy


In May of 2010 I played a party that took place within the lush mountains of Mt. Hood in Oregon. It was a great time despite the law enforcement shutting down the party for a brief period. Being involved with this community is a hard thing because we are responsible, clean up after ourselves, often leave the campgrounds in better condition than how we found them, and simply want to enjoy a good time. Unfortunately, we are “bad guys” and deserve to be harassed and intimidated by the police. It is unfortunate. BP can destroy the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, without any repercussions, but get 50 adults on a mountain to dance under the stars, AND IT’S A BIG FUCKING DEAL. That makes no sense.

The title of the mix comes from this party and my constant desire to flirt with girls, including those dating, or married to, my friends. Flirting is fun. I enjoy it. I am not going to try and steal your girlfriend. I was told that I am not allowed to do this anymore to certain people, which I find massively hilarious, so I have decided that I should really twist the metaphorical stick into this wound as much as possible. It kind of reminds me of this one awesome story that I have of a specific promoter for a certain “Fayre” that happens locally, however I will save that story for another time. In the end, I kind of have problems with passively sitting by while being told that I did something wrong when I didn’t (dancing in a forest, flirting with girls, letting someone know that my feelings were hurt), so this mix is kind of in honor of that. A great postscript to this mix is that the dude who got angry at me for flirting with his then ex finally manned up, got back together with his ex, and the two have been living happily ever after ever since. Sometime people just need motivation to do the right thing…

Anyway, feel free to let me know if you think this is some seriously psychedelic music or not. lol. The time I was supposed to play was Midnight – 1:30, although because of the police problem I was pushed to 1:45-3ish. Also, because of the nature of the tracks on this mix (some unreleased, some soon-to-be released, some released) I cannot post a full and proper tracklisting. However, I will give you a list (in no particular order) of some of the artists and labels contained herein…


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Robomate – Discogs

Mandalavandalz – Discogs

Benza – Discogs

Nervasystem – Discogs

Siaqua – Discogs

Sci Forest – Discogs

Discolin – SoundCloud

SienAz – Discogs

Juno Reactor – Discogs

Artax – Discogs

Ad Astra – Discogs


Psy-Harmonics – Link

Antiscarp – Link

6 Dimension Soundz – Link

Mind Tweakers Records – Link

Morning Monster – Link

Sundance – Link



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