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Genre: Romantic Goa Girl Trance

HAPPY 6/04 everyone!

In honor of today’s holiday, I figured I would upload a special mix from the vaults which I know 99.9% of you haven’t heard yet.

Back in 2001 I was dating a girl and she wanted a mix to listen to. However, she was adamant about it being a unique mix that I wasn’t going to pass out to other people, she wanted it to be special for her. So I dug through my collection and pieced together a mix of tracks I knew she really liked and a few others that I thought fit the style and theme and then I gave it to her. Occasionally I would be asked for copies of the mix when random people would hear it in my car, but I always stayed true to my word and never passed it out to anyone else.

Well, flash forward a decade and I still haven’t passed out this mix… until now! I am pretty sure that she won’t mind if I share this mix now, so here it is. The mix is mostly awesome (nothing too embarrassing) and filled with some great old Goa classics. I do have to admit that the mix is a bit heavy on the Simon Posford tracks, but my ex really liked his style and these tracks specifically, so I didn’t mind breaking my rule of No More Than One Track From The Same Artist On A Mix. I also have no idea why the mix ends at 71 mins with a fade out of the final track. I might have the original DAT floating around somewhere, if I ever come across it, maybe it will have the rest of the mix on it or something. I dunno. That kind of sounds like too much work for an old mix like this…

Anyway, enjoy this blast from the past and have a happy holiday!

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The Carpenters – (They Long To Be) Close To You – A&M Records

Bus – Let’s Go – Flying Rhino

Beast – Trouble – Twisted

UX – Dominion – Dragonfly

Green Nuns of the Revolution – Conflict – TIP

Hallucinogen – Shamanix – Dragonfly

Satori – Back to Earth – Matsuri

Hallucinogen – Jiggle of the Sphinx – Twisted

Juno Reactor – Pistolero – Blue Room Released

Delerium – Silence – Nettwerk

Quirk – Disco Trash – [white label]



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